Sunday, August 2, 2009


i have the greatest friends in the entire world.... seriously. these girls are amazing and each of them bring something different to our friendship, we're a pretty well rounded group. Very different but very similar. and.... we're hot!! i can tell these girls anything and know that they won't judge. they pretty much know everything about me and somehow they still love me. we've helped each other survive a "crisis" or two and i couldn't be more grateful to have them in my life.
(we're kind of obsessed with jumping pics.... this one didn't quite work out though.)
(oh that's better)
we've learned that all girls calves shake(at 7 years of age), the ids are rocy bobby kaye, some offered and accepted gummy watermelons in choir, made a couple music videos(we're very talented dancers), worked at the trolley, did a few drive-bys, all night talks about scrumping, issued a little L.B.D (thank you ms. dicknomore), froze in logan but loved every minute, hitchhiked to the death star in alaska and missed the one in moab, fell in love with the format(you know me....clap are hands and stomp are feet), got lucky and moved into raintree with a crafty girl with cute decor, kicked a different roommate out of raintree(oops), also had an extra roommate there :), skinny dipped with a bit of streaking, boating with a little tube mooning, numerous trips to st. george, took pics ;), pretended to be outdoorsy at branberry(never did go hiking), spa days, tons of s.o.'s, laughed at piano man impressions, kayaking and skydiving(well two of us, one got stitches), scrap booked when one moved away, survived a mold infested basement, craved the white pizza from pizzeria 712, scoot cars in san fransisco, motorboat at the manti pageant, loved living at black horse II(still miss it), traveled back east and experienced Wicked, endless hours on phone dates, celebrated weddings and many, MANY other awesome adventures....
i don't know where i would be or what i would do without you girls. you're all amazing and i can't wait to see what the next 50 years has in store for us. i love you guys so much!!
p.s. i'm also cheesy :)


Chana said...

you totally got me on this one. I'm crying. sheesh.
Love you! You guys are the best!

Kellie said...

Haha.. Chana always cries. Kim you are so sweet. I loved reading all the fun things that we have done together. You are the best! And good job on finally updating this thing.

Jessica said...

Kimmy! You updated. I was shocked when i saw your comment! We do need to get together soon. I am dues next friday so..... So what was your last post about? Are you going on a mission? Anyways call me or text lets meet up. Kirsten is in town as well.

Mauri said...

Aw Kimmy! That was the sweetest post ever! Love you long time!

Mauri said...

And by Kimmy, I mean Kimmie. WTF!